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Did you know that some insurers value you going to the police? The reason is that the police can then check at your house whether you meet the most important burglary prevention measures . The police will then look at the quality of your locks, the quality of your lighting and whether you have taken other measures to prevent burglary. Do you think the police have taken the most important measures? Then you get a vignette. That vignette costs you money, but also gives you something.

Discount on your premium, partly due to good locks

The big advantage of a police vignette is that you get a discount on the premium for your insurance simply because the chance of a burglary is considered to be smaller when you have such a vignette hanging in front of the window and because the quality of the protection of your home meets the most important requirements. This limits the risk, the insurer has to pay less (calculated in the long term) and that ensures a lower premium. Everyone wins.

Good locks and the My Neighborhood application

For good locks you can go to the jacksonville locksmith. He or she will advise you specifically on the various components and see where you can still make a profit at home. In the My Neighborhood application of the police you can get insight into how things are going in the neighborhood. Is there a lot of risk and a big chance of a burglary? Then get a vignette.

Many metals will rust over time, including locks and keys. That is very annoying since the lock will function less and the key can be released. Fortunately, you do not have to replace the entire lock immediately, as there are home, garden and kitchen equipment that works well against rust in the lock or on a key.

Anti-rust remedies that everyone has at home

  • To remove rust from small items, you don’t have to buy expensive items. Rust can easily be removed with products that everyone has at home. The best known is of course cola, but also lemon or lime juice works very well against rust. The acids in this are so powerful that rust has not been washed up. First sprinkle some salt on the rusted key and then place it overnight soaking in the juice or a layer of cola. The next day the rust can easily be scraped off with the help of some aluminum foil. A lock can of course not be placed in the juice, but it can be injected with, for example, a small pipette.

If the rust is really too stubborn, there are always heavier means available or it is wise to have a locksmith jacksonville come along.