Fine Options for the Best Water Damage Control



The refrigerator and freezer can also cause water damage if water leaks from the broken evaporator basin to the floor or if water is diverted to the evaporator bar. Leakage is often discovered by accident with other remedies, and by that time, the leakage has often already caused widespread damage. Therefore, it is also advisable to install a drain pan under refrigeration equipment.

Proper Monitoring

Monitor the condition of the refrigerators by moving them at least once a year. Check that the refrigerator water pipe is routed to the evaporation basin and that the basin is intact. At the same time, vacuum the condenser on the back of the appliance, which also consumes less electricity. Make sure that the melt water vent inside the refrigerator is not blocked.

When defrosting the freezer, make sure that the defrosting water is not drained to the floor. It is also a good idea to check that the door is properly closed when the freezer is running. The water in an accidentally thawed freezer has ruined many floors. Now with servpro los angeles ca you can have the best deals.

Sewers and pipelines

The most common cause of water damage is leaks in outdated hot water and sewer pipes, and the damage is usually quite severe. Initial leakage is often difficult to detect in advance because the pipelines are mainly located inside structures.

  • Check the piping as far as it is visible e.g. in the sink cabinet. If you notice water in places where it should not be, report your leakage to your service representative. Signs of leakage may also be darkening of the structures.

The estimated service life of the pipelines is approximately 30-40 years. It is not advisable to postpone pipe repairs, but it is wise to prepare before anything happens. If more than one type of damage occurs within a short period of time, there is already an urgency. Repairs should be done quickly to avoid unnecessary extra costs. However, planning always takes its time, so it’s a good idea to start in time.

Water-borne radiators and their pipes should also be monitored for leaks. Common leakage points are joints and bends. Furniture should not be placed in such a way that leaks cannot be detected. In particular, keep an eye on old rags.


Sewers may become clogged with debris, hair and food debris that has travelled there. Floor wells under the shareholder’s responsibility should be cleaned regularly. To avoid odour traps and sewer blockages, do not pour food residue, grease or oil into the sink. The same goes for the toilet bowl. Only human waste, water and paper are included. Everything else is put in the trash. If the sewer does not pull properly, drain the drain. If home help does not help, contact service.