Factors To Consider When Choosing A Garage Wall Paneling


A garage is not a storage area at home, where you can simply keep your junk, old or unnecessary stuff, that’s why, you should also take good care of this space at home because this is where you usually park your vehicle.

As a homeowner, you often give less importance to this small room because guests do not really come here and even the members of the family do not take much time, staying here, since they have no business staying for longer time. However, do not forget that this is a part of the house and should be functional, too.

You should know that there are homeowners, who are trying their best to also come up with a garage that would be relevant to their needs and they do this by buying the best garage wall paneling in the market. They mind spending on the reconstruction and repair of the wall just to make sure that this would be good enough to park their automobiles and other hardware stuff that can be stored, while not in use. For some people, this is not just a parking space, but also a room, where they can organize some of their tools.

Now, if you think that your garage needs a new look or a makeover, then I guess, all you need to do is to hire a handyman for this job and to buy quality materials, right? I know that this could be a headache, especially when you have no idea about how to choose a wall paneling and dealing with it alone might be stressful as well. That’s why, we have here a few factors that you should greatly consider, before purchasing a wall paneling that suits your garage needs.


Basically, you will need something that is flexible like a pegboard, which is actually a perforated hardboard and the sheet usually 0.25 inches thick and measures 4 x 8 feet. But this is just an ordinary type of material that may not be able to meet the quality, which you are expecting because it easily splits up. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perforated_hardboard for more information.

What you really need is a more sturdy material like slatwall panel or a medium-density fibreboard or MDF, which is heavier. In fact, is designed with horizontal rows, which allows you to hang accessories or any stuff for accessibility. Though, if you would like a better version of this, then you may choose the one that is designed with cellular foam PVC.

Keep in mind that the walls are usually used to hang up accessories. Therefore, it must be stable. So, you should also make sure that the hooks won’t knock off after removing an item from the hook.


With a 1/8 or 1/4 inch thickness of the panel, you will just encounter a problem in the future because this thickness won’t be durable enough, if you would like this to last longer. Keep in mind that different natural elements like too much heat, rain and snow occur in a year. Therefore, you have to prepare for these factors, since this may lessen the shelf life once it lacks durability.

The material should be able to resist any environmental factor to avoid wear and tear, especially when you have accessories hanged and are often used. If possible, this has to be heavy-duty, where it should be capable of accepting the changes in the temperature of the environment as well as the moisture level in the area.

Ease of Installation

When it comes to the installation, it is important to also make sure the ease of installing it because some of you may want to reconstruct the garage on your own, while the others would like to hire a handyman. By the way, this is not the only thing that you need to consider here.

Remember that you will also deal with the conduit pipes as well as the receptacles and then, you also need to work on the tricky stuffs like the slopes and the ceiling as well as the finishing touches – find here new ideas. Using screws, trimming the ends and checking the gaps also needs expertise. Therefore, if you wish to do it yourself, then consider the ease of installing it.