Engagement Decoration Ideas You Will Love

When decorating an engagement party venue, creativity is essential. Think about wonderful ideas, ideas that the couple will love. With many engagement party ideas out there, you might become confused choosing one, but you don’t have to, as here are some of the best engagement decoration ideas:

Playful Lawn Games

engagement decoration ideas lawn games
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In most engagement parties, you will find a simple backyard barbeque. You can spice things up by introducing cool versions of classic games. You can create a spray-painted version of Twister on your lawn, and other games – check out all the lawn games on Amazon.


centerpiece with led for engegament party
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Get decorative glass bowls filled with water. In order to add vibrant color, place at the bottom of the bowls colored LEDs for nighttime engagement party centerpieces. As it stands, white LED lights are neutral. Colored LEDs are useful in creating certain effects, so use them as appropriate. For instance, you can use blue as a vacation or tropical resort theme, since it has similar color with ocean water. If the engagement party is in the daytime, then adding dye or food coloring is a perfect way to make the water a colorful shade. It works great as engagement decoration idea.

Lovely photo background


One unique thing about all wedding related events is pictures! Sure, there will be lots of pictures taken, so you need to create a lovely photo background that will be forever remembered. You can use a chalkboard painted sheet of plywood together with paper flowers or a lovely oversized Polaroid frame. There will be much flair to the event with this idea.

Bring back memories in your engagement decoration ideas

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Guests invited to an engagement party are mostly family members and close friends of the couple. You can help bring back memories by hanging in the room childhood photos, or introduce word games and trivia contents to give the guests an opportunity to show how well they know the couple.

Fiesta Fun

pinata engagement idea decoration

pinata decoration idea

In any fiesta-themed event, you are very likely to find Piñatas. Well, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same, so you can create a few little versions and have them hanged from a patio trellis or against a white wall in order to make the party colorful.


wedding balloons
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After agreeing on a color theme for the party, make sure you use the same color for balloons. Choosing a mixture of two colors is ideal, one serving as the base color and the other serving as an accent color. At the party store, blow up the balloons with helium. Group three balloons (two the base color, one the accent color) and tie them to each chair around the tables. With multiple floating balloons in the air, your decoration will be pleasing to the eyes. You can tie a larger group of balloons only to the chairs of the groom and bride if you have limited and tight budget.

These engagement decoration ideas might appear simple, but you will be marveled at how they will transform the vibes and make the event a lively one. You don’t have to make use of all the ideas listed, but just a few can make a huge difference and make the engagement a memorable one, especially for the couple!

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