easter decoration, easter bunny eggcups

Easter Decoration Ideas (tips and photo gallery)

Easter is here again and you ought to have beautiful decorations ready. You don’t have to worry about Easter decorations to wow your guests, as this article will help you out with some easter decoration ideas. There are lots of easy and stylish Easter design concepts you can tryout. These Easter ideas you can try out ranges from easy craft you can make after meal and also homemade Easter baskets. This celebration is the perfect time to spend quality moments with family and friends, and the tips and projects in this article will make your Easter celebration worthy of remembrance. With these quick and easy Easter decorating ideas for your home, you will surely catch the fun of the season.

Easter Picture Display

easter decoration, a family display for easter DIY
Make use of beautiful Easter bunny stickers to enhance your lovely family photos to obtain a creative and cute decoration for Easter. You don’t have to work much, all you ought to do is to simply stick bunny mouths and ears on the glass front of your lovely family pictures. You can make the bunny mouths and ears with construction paper if the stickers don’t come in the right sizes. To add a little more fun, tell the kids that it was done by the Easter Bunny!

Easter-Inspired Fabric Garland

easter-bunny-FABRIC GARLAND

Make use of fabric strips to create fun pastel garland for setting up your Easter mantel display. To make the garland, tie to a single ribbon a combination of fabric, ribbon and fringe. To finish up the decoration, add small plastic Easter eggs suspended from a fishing wire.

Easter Bunny Eggcups

easter decoration, easter bunny eggcups

For this marvelous Easter decorating project, use colorful felt hats and ears to dress up plain wooden eggs. Firstly, use a drop of glue to hold firmly a white wooden egg to the bottom of an eggcup and allow it to dry. Now on the front of the egg, draw two eyes, painting facial features onto the cup. Use pattern for ears and hat, and then cut out. Now onto a piece of colored felt, trace the half circle, and unto a piece of white felt trace the ears, then cut out. In half, fold the hat, then glue together the flat edges, allowing it to dry. Flip right side out, then to form a brim, fold up 1/2 inch. Stick together to the inside of the brim the white felt ears.

Easter Branch Bouquet

easter decoration ideas display trees

Get a fresh Easter look by Hot-gluing onto branches lots of pink flowers. If you are looking for an alternative to a floral spring arrangement, then this is a great option! For you to make it more festive and to secure the vase, use Easter candy, decorated eggs, or glass pebbles to fill the base.

Sweet Spring Wreath

easter wreath decoration ideas diy

Using an Easter wreath is a great way to welcome your holiday guests. Making use of stencils, you can create flowers and paper butterflies in different colors. You will get an awesome and easy Easter decoration that will last a long time when you add them to a plain moss faux moss wreath.

These are few among many Easter decoration ideas. Let this Easter be a memorable one, tryout any of the ideas listed above.

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