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To keep the house always free of dust, the vacuum cleaner is a great ally when cleaning. With his help, corners that would be very difficult to reach with the broom can be cleaned efficiently. But, before choosing between vacuum cleaners, whether of a vertical or traditional model, you should think about your needs and, especially, the size of the property in which to use it, whether the house has children, pets or allergic residents.

For instant cleaning

For everyday cleaning, vertical vacuum cleaners are the most suitable. It is similar in size to a broom and much more efficient as it does not spread dust, is compact to store and fits easily into dust-gathering spaces such as under beds. Even if the broom reaches narrow places, vacuum cleaners are more effective at cleaning because sweeping an environment with it, some dust is thrown into the air, dirtying furniture and increasing the risk of respiratory disease. The bissell crosswave reviews will prompt you to buy it.

The importance of the filter

For children and animals, noise and dust can be annoying. In this case, it is recommended to use a quiet, HEPA-filtered model – which traps dust mites, fungi and bacteria, such as the Lite Electrolux LIT31 Vacuum Cleaner. It is also ideal for cleaning mattresses, pillows and curtains.

Heavy cleaning

For a complete cleaning, it is worth investing in a model with greater suction power and storage capacity to expedite cleaning. It is also important to pay attention if the size of the power cord is sufficient to travel the place.


In addition, the accompanying accessories are very useful: nozzles for all types of floors vacuum from cold, laminate and even carpets and rugs. For cushions, fabric chairs and sofas, there are special nozzles. There are also specifics for vacuuming books and other delicate surfaces, to ensure that your shelf is always clean and works are preserved.

Home cleaning is increasingly associated with technology and it is even possible to maintain a clean home perfectly without the need for too many detergents or cleaning utensils.

The latest equipment tested here at Pplware promises a deep cleaning of your home floor without the use of mops, floor detergents, brooms or any other conventional vacuum cleaner. Get to know Bissell’s CrossWave in detail and know what it is capable of.

General features

This is not the first time that in Pplware we have tested a vacuum cleaner . We have focused on these smart robots but the market has much more to offer. Bissell’s CrossWave is a vertical vacuum cleaner that allows you to vacuum any type of floor (including carpet) while washing with water and detergent and drying.

For this purpose, this electric vacuum cleaner has three key components: a clean water and detergent tank, a waste tank and a roller brush.


The CrossWave, visually, is a simple vertical vacuum, however, features a modern blue and titanium lines. In the handle are placed all the buttons necessary for its use, namely the buttons to choose between normal or carpet cleaning and the trigger to trigger the water jet.