cool coffee table with glass, the paolo piva

Cool Coffee Tables Ideas You Should Try

There are numerous coffee table ideas to inspire your next choice, ranging from tables that have classic glass topped pieces to tables that have incredible sculptural bases. In this article, you will find cool coffee tables ideas you should try.

1. Cool coffee tables with storage

cool coffee table with hidden storage
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Cool wooden coffee table with storage
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Put your cool coffee tables to more use by selecting a stylish coffee table that has inbuilt storage where you can keep little items like TV remotes. With a superb stylish hidden storage table, you can keep the living room tidy by keeping tiny items like children toys and magazines in the storage space.

2. Cool glass coffee tables

cool coffee table with glass, the paolo piva
Paolo Piva, our all time favorite
Cool glass coffee table with storage
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Having a glass-topped coffee table allows the natural beauty of your interior to shine through. With a glass coffee table, you can create an advanced illusion of space, as they make rooms appear larger and also adapt to your home décor as you have a change in your interior décor.

You should consider using a glass top table if you don’t want the focus of the room to be on the coffee table. Doing so, all eyes will be fixed on all items in the room, and not just on the coffee table.

If you want to bring a more contemporary angle to the interior of your home, then consider using a glass coffee table. Glass coffee tables also blend well with minimalist schemes. They are also ideal for a cool evergreen modern aesthetic, which fits in a modern interior.

3. Amazing round coffee tables

Cool round coffee table

Cool round coffee table with gold
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If you want to create a natural atmosphere in your design scheme, then a round coffee table is ideal. Ideal for softening stark modern schemes, a round coffee table is family friendly and when entertaining guests, it creates a pleasant atmosphere.

A round coffee table is an ideal choice if you have little children. This is because little children and sharp corners are always conflicting. Also, if there are many seats available, round coffee tables is ideal because they make circulation easy.

4. Beautiful wooden coffee tables

Cool wooden coffee table
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Cool wooden coffee table in white

Wooden coffee tables create a natural scene to your design, making your interior scheme completely unique. They are created in a choice of lacquered, natural and stained finishes.

5. Small coffee tables

cool small coffee table in white
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When it comes to designing the layout of your living room, smaller coffee tables can serve as an alternative style as they offer more flexibility.

If you have a smaller room, then you can opt for some small coffee tables that can hold maybe a book or mug. You should always ensure that your tables are reachable from where you sit to ensure that it complies with the layout of your sitting room.

6. Tiered coffee tables

cool tiered coffee table

Cool tiered coffee table in black and white
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Become more creative by making use of coffee tables that offer different heights of surfaces. Create a balance between the styles you choose for your coffee tables and sofas. You should try a glass table if you have a solid-color plush coach on a leggy chrome frame. You should consider using a chunkier table, perhaps one that has a solid base and a thick wooden top, if you have a more streamlined couch.

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