Can you extend your London house without planning permission


House extension in London

The question of extending your house in London without the planning permission depends on various factors. How big is the extension that you are planning? What type of extension are you in for? Is your house listed? Or is your house in the designated land?

All these factors come into consideration when planning the extension permission. Smaller improvements such as roof installations or garage transformation can be undertaken under the Permitted Development.

The Permitted Development right allows you to make home improvements without the planning permission approval. To gain from the Permitted Development, you will need to understand the criteria and stay updated on the changes.

However, to guide you through the process, here is a list of aspects where you can’t make the extension without needing permission.

  • Internal remodelling
  • Windows and doors
  • Converting garages
  • Single or two-storey extension
  • Installing roof lights
  • Making conservatories
  • Constructing sheds and outbuildings
  • Converting homes
  • Building porches
  • Walls, fences and gates
  • Building a deck
  • Swimming pools
  • Building access for vehicles
  • Exteriors and cladding
  • Installing solar panels
  • Building or renovating basements
  • Parking space
  • Conversion of the establishment to a residence.

Now that you have an idea of what falls under Permitted Development, let’s get on with the areas where you need the approval.

  • If your property is listed, then you will have to seek for the planning permission.
  • Having your property in the ‘designated land’ also restricts making a full extension without the approval.
  • Having a prior extension work will also need planning permission from the concerned department.
  • Building to make an extension above the permitted height probably above 6 meters will need the approval.

On an ending note better seeks professional help. Getting in professionals aid will not only help you ease your work but also get you equipped with all the dos and don’ts regarding the extension works.