Bedroom makeover ideas (Gallery)

So you want to turn your bedroom around in a weekend? It’s very doable to do a bedroom makeover, even on a budget. And it gives great joy to enter your new quiet sleeping-area. Change your old boring bedroom into a new one with these bedroom makeover ideas.

The most easy way to give your bedroom a makeover is by changing color. People tend to shy away from dark colors, but it works actually really well in the bedroom. It’s sexy and brings depth. Using traditional colors in earth tones can give your room a really relaxed energy, perfect for destressing.


Another important factor when it comes to bedroom makeover ideas is changing your lightning. This sounds a bit harder than changing color, but really makes a HUGE difference.

Bedroom makeover tips

1. A small bench at the end of your bed
A bench at the foot of your bed can do so much more for your bedroom. It gives you more room to clean up things and is also very chic. You can put a nice piece of clothing on it or just put some clothes and pillows to make it a real sofa.

2. A large painting or large photo
A large painting above your bed makes your room more interesting and also gives a new look. You can buy a nice piece or just make it yourself. An enlarged photo can also be a lot of fun.

3. A nice rug over your bed
It is very nice to throw a large blanket over the end of your bed. In case of a striking duvet, opt for a quiet dress and with a quiet duvet for a striking dress. The texture of the fabric is also important. Just like with an all black outfit, it is important that all fabrics on your bed have different textures. So you can combine faux fur pillows with a cotton duvet cover and a wool rug.

4. Try chaning colors colors
The color of your bedroom can contribute to the quality of your nap. Calm colors such as blue, yellow and green provide a better night’s sleep. Now of course you do not want to paint your room in all colors of the rainbow, but you can take it into account when buying accessories.

Want a more sexy or romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. Then go for colors such as olive green and dark blue. If you do not want a romantic and no colorful room you can go for blue-gray or white combined with a print.

5. Seeing green.. use plants!
You can choose real or fake plants. Real plants are perhaps not such a good plan for the people with not so green fingers among us. If you do not want a real, but also not a fake one can also go for a cactus. It needs so little that even you can not kill him.

Plants in your bedroom make your room a lot nicer and bring many benefits, such as: less stress, a better smell and a better night’s sleep. It’s one of the easiest bedroom makeover ideas!

6. As many lights as possible
Especially now with the dark days, lights are really fun and cozy. Think about a bit of Christmas lights with a white cord. You can hang it very nice over your bedside, bookcase or mirror.

Bedroom makeover designs: how do I design the right colorscheme?

Do you prefer a sexy room with depth? Try darker colors like dark-blue, black and use different textures like leather and velvet. Leather? Yes. It works really well in bedroom designs. Do you prefer a light room to relax? Try using eathy-tones and lots of blankets. Yellow light and white silk. Really layer your room. Using different headboards really drastically changes the space too. Have you thought of using one?

And don’t forget, if you don’t feel like doing a makeover just go for a holiday. You can read all the travel tips on Dailyvoyage.


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