Bathroom tile design ideas

Home Decoration

Bathroom tiles have always been one of the most prominent ones when it comes to designing. The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most important and best parts of your house. Thus, if you want people to be attracted to it, make sure you decorate it accordingly. There are several ways that you can adopt and remove your bathroom.

Some of the prominent bathroom tiles that you should be designing include the following


Marble has always been a top priority for all. It is simple and helps to add luxury to the house. The marble covered floors with large windows can help to give a royal look to your house. You may place the large pieces of marble around the windows and smaller ones around the floor. You can always opt for the traditional look of white and black stripes for the bathroom floor.

Be creative

There is nothing better than getting creative and bringing out what you have desired always. If you have a modern bathroom, you can always use small tubs around it. If you are designing your bathroom, make sure to use some graphic patterns for a better design. Various tiles resemble wooden structures. So, you can use them for your cupboards. Also, you can use the mosaic design for your walls. Bring out your creativity by customizing the entire space with complementary pieces.

Different tiles

You don’t need to stick to the same design and same shape of tiles while choosing it for your floors and walls. You can divide the sections into dry and wet areas. Thus, you can use specific tiles accordingly. There are several unique combinations you can try as the experiments. The different materials of the tiles can play an important role in enhancing the entire space of the bathroom.

Floors and walls should be the same

One of the best ways you can try to create a better look of your house is to keep the walls and floors of a similar design. This helps to enhance the luxurious look of the house. A combination of black and white looks accordingly to bring out a better impact. The wall-mounted tiles can, however, prove to be the best.

Get a focal wall

The tile on the wall in front of the shower can prove to be extremely effective. It helps to create a better look. The focal tiles can help to make your walls look bigger. Make sure to put up a door as well for frosting and privacy.

The right tiles in your bathroom, such as Carreaux Metro bathroom Tiles can help to enhance the overall impact. It is better to reach out to experts for suggestions regarding the interior of your bathroom.