Apartment Therapy- Create A Beautiful Gallery Wall with Posters

Home Decoration

We all remember how we used to decorate our bedrooms with posters of movie stars, athletes and anything else that was important to us at that point. Posters are a nice way to add character to an otherwise dull wall. They also come in handy when we don’t havemuch cash to splash on expensive paintings or family photos.

Creating a gallery wall with posters is really awesome and easy to do.You have the freedom to choose the size, colors, frames and pretty much anything else you need. They are really cheap and quite available as compared to paintings. Here are some tips on how to create a beautiful gallery wall to spruce up your apartment.

1.     Choose Your Desired Layout

This is perhaps the most important step in creating a gallery wall that enhances your interior space. Posters can be made or purchased in different sizes and shapes. Choose whether you want similarly shaped and sized posters next to each other on a wall. This choice is really awesome especially if you are into symmetry and minimalism. Matching up your posters will make the entire space look super-organized and elegant.

Another option is to go for a collage of different sizes that fit into each other perfectly. For instance, you can have one super-tall poster in the middle- and four-square ones on the sides. The point here is to create some kind of organization or symmetry. Remember we are not talkingabout a dorm room here!

2.     What Is Your Style?

Why are we decorating our apartment with posters again? Flexibility and personal style are so easy to achieve with posters. You can find any poster in your imagination that fits a certain motif. Whether you are into abstract shapes, modern architecture, landscapes, portraits; you can find a poster or posters in any desired theme. The best thing is to stick to a single style/motif on a wall.

You can find all kinds of posters on paper collective that match your theme. This awesome website collects and lists some of the most amazing posters from artists and photographers from all over the world such as Loulou avenue. You can order any piece you see on there and have it shipped to your address. What’s more, all their posters are made using sustainable sources and some of the proceeds are put into a charity in rural Nepal; awesome right?

3.     Choose One Wallin A Room

To avoid having the teenage dorm room effect, it’s important to be a bit conservative with the placement of your posters in a single space. Having different posters scattered across all walls is not what we are going for here. If it is your tv/living room, have all your posters on the opposite wall facing your tv or fireplace.  Depending on the size of your wall, you can have three or more posters arranged on the wall next to each other.

4.     Your Posters Should Express Your Personality

The awesome thing about decorating with posters is the ability to express your inner self, hobbies, and interests through them. You can’t do this with family photos or expensive art pieces unless you are seriously loaded with disposable cash. Get posters that speak to your inner personality and that inspire you when you walk into the room. A single giant poster that carries a deep meaning will always make your space more livable and welcoming.

Choose Two Similar or Closely Related Posters

Want to try something fun? With the flexibility available with posters, it’s possible to line up two similar or closely related posters that act as more of a continuation of each other or complement each other. For instance, a poster depicting one part of a plant or animal and another with the missing pieces. This creates a sense of harmony and makes the theme quite obvious to the necked eye.

Final Words

Decorating a room with posters is so much fun that we can’t possibly cover all the ideas and tips in one post. The freedom you get with posters enables you to be more creative and personal when decorating your walls. They are also quite inexpensive as compared to other options so you are free to experiment and change as much as you like!