Answers to 5 Questions About Auto Gate Systems for Singapore Properties

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An auto gate in your Singapore home is one factor that can amp up the value of your property. Here are four common questions and doubts about automatic gates.

#1 How does gate maintenance work? 

It is best to conduct regular auto gate maintenance and repair for your Singapore property. It is a crucial aspect of keeping your gate secure. The work is critical to keep the gate’s inner mechanics clean and greased at all times for three reasons:

  • Prevent future breakups
  • Detect an issue and resolve it as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs.
  • Avoid unpleasant situations in the home due to a component malfunction, such as photocells.

#2 How many types are there?

There are two types of auto gate options for Singapore homes: swing and sliding. Swing gates have two leaves that open by rotating on a pivot. Sliding gates feature a moveable section on a horizontally laid grid on the ground. It is the ideal choice for residences with restricted square footage.

#3 How many motor options do I have?

Four motor types can power the auto gate of your Singapore property: linear, articulated, hydraulic and underground. Linear motors provide high speed and medium-high thrust capabilities. On the other hand, swing gates often use articulated mechanisms. Hydraulic motors are often the most affordable, but they give outstanding performance with a short opening time. You can distinguish underground types by their sturdiness and inconspicuous look, which allows them to be nearly undetectable.

#4 What should I do in case of a power failure?

No worries, each gate comes with a specific key for manual opening in the event of a breakdown or a power outage. Opening your gate is quick and efficient. Furthermore, some gate types also have a motor with several hours of autonomy. It continues to work even on power outages.

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