Amazing baby shower cakes for girls

With many baby shower cakes out there, you can easily spot awful ones, some with awful concepts that you cannot imaging wanting to eat. Some designs are just not nice, like those with a baby popping out. Surely, you don’t want to eat a baby do you? However, among the many awful ones out there, you can still find the really amazing ones, baby shower cakes for girls that you will adore and want to keep forever. In this article, you will find gorgeous cakes for a girls baby shower. You will surely love them, as they are pretty and amazing.

Girly cupcakes

Cupcakes are adorable, sweet and delicate. You will love them for a baby shower, especially the sweet decorations and light pinks.

Diaper bag cake

The diaper bag cake is a wonderful shower cake idea. You will find the color scheme attractive and also, you are going to like the fanciful design. Appearing so adorable, it looks like you could just pick it up, place it on your shoulder and walk around with it.

Name cake

You just can’t help yourself with this cake design. Looking so petite and fanciful, this cake idea is perfect for a little girl. With well worked out lettering, it appears so adorable and impressive.

Circus cake

Although the idea of I circus cake isn’t a traditional girly stuff, it appears lovely and will fit for a girl’s baby shower cake. When done well, the circus cake really beats a different drum and adds color and grace.

Winnie the pooh

Winnie the pooh seems to be one of the most beloved on the list, as it appears adorable and sweet. When adorned with the little bee trails, small little Piglet and Pooh, it appears more sweet and will melt your heart. This cake idea is just classic, and it is really a well-crafted one you will love.

Cherry blossoms

This lovely cake idea really appears girly, looking well-made and delicate that you will treasure it. With extreme care in decorating this cake, it appears too pretty that you will want to keep it as a relic rather than eating it.

Buggy cupcakes

This separate set of cupcakes looks so adorable and colorful that you will want to treasure it forever. You will find the texture that lays under the decorations lovely. They appear really perfect that you won’t want to imagine eating them.

Pastel polka dots

You will find few cake ideas that reflect babies, and one among the few you will come across is pastels. This is a baby shower cake idea for girls that look really clean and well made.

Polka dots and stripes

Surely, you love well-designed fondant bow, and if yes, then this cake idea should interest you very much. This cake appears colorful, and you will love the color scheme and also the clean lines. Polka dots and stripes is a baby shower cake idea for girls that require dedication and carefulness to design perfectly.

These are some of the best baby shower cakes for your girl child. I am sure you love them and find them adorable!

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