Aircon Chemical Cleaning – Why You Should Not Skip It

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Perhaps, each household in Singapore has an aircon. But the better question is, does each household follow aircon chemical cleaning religiously?

Many are guilty of not following aircon maintenance and cleaning regularly. Sometimes, people are three months late on the schedule, much worse, one year late. It could be unintentional and intentional, especially given the high aircon chemical wash price.

But what are the dangers of skipping aircon cleaning and maintenance?


It is a no-brainer that people catch illnesses from dirty environments. Even in the comfort of our home, which gives us a feeling of security, infection-causing germs propagate without our knowledge.

Dust piling up on your aircon’s filter and vents can trigger allergic rhinitis and skin irritation. The low air quality also causes fatigue and headache to many. Mould buildup in a dirty filter can cause eye irritation.


Did you know that microscopic dirt, when compiled together, reduces the performance of your aircon? Just imagine drinking boba tea. Then a pearl gets through the straw, does your juice flow efficiently to your mouth? Or only a few drops did?

It is the same with your aircon’s filter. The dirt buildup blocking your aircon’s filter restricts the airflow. Hence, it takes your aircon a long time to cool the room, or the air it produces is weak.


Speaking of dirt blocking the filter, a dirty filter also leads to a high electricity bill. An aircon with restricted airflow consumes more electricity in order to meet the desired temperature on the thermostat. It also takes them much more effort to maintain the temperature.

Hence, the money you save from skipping aircon chemical cleaning will only go to your electricity bill.


There is another drawback with restricted airflow of an aircon due to a dirty air filter. Firstly, when the cold air gets trapped inside the aircon because it cannot pass through the filter efficiently, it freezes the components inside.

Freezing the component reduces its performance and speeds up rusting and wearing. Hence, the longevity of your equipment is affected.

Moreover, cold means more condensation. Too much water could cause leaks in your aircon. You might have saved up from skipping cleaning, but you are going to spend on aircon repair in Singapore.

The delay and downtime in aircon troubleshooting will sacrifice your comfort during the hot summer in Singapore.

The moral lesson of this article is not to neglect the condition of your AC. They may look pristine outside, but they are rotting inside. Get them a regular clean.

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