A Guide to Choosing the Right Door Handle

Home Decoration

Are you looking for a door handle for your front door? Because there’s more to choosing the right door handle than just going to hardware store. Use our 5 tips to help you when you are searching for the right door handle after a successful door replacement. If you follow the tips provided below, it’ll help you buy the right door handle that will offer you maximum value and functionality. 

Here are the 5 tips on choosing the right door handle:


  1. Colour

Remember to choose a colour that will complement your door and the outdoor appeal. Choosing an appropriate colour for your front door handle will make it stand out for your visitors to see immediately. The primary colours available include gold, brown, silver, and black. However, you should select a colour that blends well with the door, especially if you just had a door replacement done.


  1. Size

When you are thinking about the right handle for your front door, size matters. You certainly will not want a handle that is too small or too large. Choose a size that fits in-between or base your preference on the design of your front door.


  1. Shape

You also have to keep in mind the shape of the door handle you intend to buy. Decide if you want a diagonally or vertically shaped handle. There are other options on the market apart from the traditional lever and pocket. More designs that are better are available; check them out to choose the handle that will fit perfectly into your home appeal.


  1. Budget

Modern designs are more expensive than standard designs. Meanwhile, you should consider your budget for the front door handle. If you have a limited budget, conventional designs are not bad; you can get high-quality handles that fall within the range of your budget.


  1. Convenience

Irrespective of the design or cost of the front door handle you wish to buy, you should not sacrifice your comfort and that of everyone in the house. If you install a beautiful door handle, but it becomes too difficult to operate the door, it is of no good. Therefore, you should consider the convenience and ease of use for everyone without having to give any instructions on how to operate.