A comprehensive guide to buying blinds and shades for your home

Home Decoration

One of the most prominent aspects of your home that can dramatically change the look and feel of every room is the window treatment. Blinds or shades on your windows provide privacy as well as style to your rooms. These basic accessories make every room look complete. You need something that is both decorative and functional. With several varieties floating in the market, it becomes very perplexing to choose the most appropriate window treatment for your home. Whether to go formal or pick a funky bold style? Whether to go to a specialist store, a local market shop, or look for them online? A storm of such confusing questions can fill your mind and make your choice even more difficult. An ideal solution can only be given after examining the size, decor theme, etc for your room. However, considering some key points can make your buying of indoor blinds with Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters much easier and fun.



  • Consider the room and person living in


Every room in your home has a specific purpose and personality. It serves a purpose that can help you determine what kind of window treatment would be ideal for it. If you are furnishing your kitchen, light shades that would let in plenty of light would be the best. Similarly, slumber shades would keep your bedroom darker and cooler. Considering the direction fo the windows can also give you an idea to decide on the most suited type of shades. 



  • Consider different options and your budget


First, you need to make a choice between shades and blinds. Shades are mostly made of fabric and give a softer feel to your rooms. On the other hand, blinds are a bit harder in looks and feel and are made of composite plastic, metal, or wood. You can find various installation and functional options and woven, plated, roller, etc. Once you have shortlisted the options, take the costing to decide which one fits in your budget the best.



  • Check light


Lighting is a major factor that influences your decision while buying blinds and shades. You need to ascertain whether you want a cool, comfy, and buttoned up space or a bright and airy room. If you choose shades you will either have to go for the sheerest ones or pull them up to let the light in. On the contrary, shades can be tilted to control the light and brightness that comes in.



  • Privacy and safety is also important


As mentioned in the previous point, shades need to be rolled up or down to let the light and air enter your room. This can expose you to your nosy neighbors and hinder your privacy. Also, if you have children at home, having shades that need to you pulled aside can invite accidents. You can choose to install blinds or automatic rollup considering the safety of the kids.



  • Match the window size and your home decor


Shades and blinds are also a major component of your home decor. It is important to get them in the perfect size. Choosing the option that complements the theme and design of your rooms can take the visual appeal to the next level. They give your room a sense of completeness and create a charming ambiance.