9 Signs That You Need To Repipe Your Home


Repiping your home is something that is definitely considered a significant investment, however, it can also significantly increase the value of your property. When you go through copper repipping, Los Angeles, California, you are able to increase the overall efficiency of your home’s plumbing.

There are times when you have to absolutely need to repipe regardless of whether you’ve been looking at it or not. When you see the signs that we’ve listed below, make sure that you prepare your budget and call the professionals because it might be time to repipe your home.

  1. Odd water

It will definitely be easy to notice when the water just doesn’t feel right. It might taste different or even have a weird odor to it. If you start seeing color, then you’ll definitely be alarmed. Repiping is going to be necessary to address these issues.

  1. You hear noises

Something as simple as the pressure of your water supply can affect the pipe of your home. If you hear random noises coming from the pipes, you should consider repiping your home. There might even be leaks and loose connections that you’re not seeing.

  1. Plumbing accessories don’t work anymore

If changing the temperature of your water doesn’t work anymore or you can’t control the pressure of the garden hose quite as effectively, you will need to look into repiping. Plumbing accessories rely on your pipes to work efficiently to deliver what you need.

  1. Water bill went up suddenly

Broken pipes mean that you have leaking pipes. Copper repiping, Los Angeles, California is the best way to address this issue. Leaking pipes that are left unfixed for too long can cause water bills to go up exponentially.

  1. Puddles around the house

When you notice random puddles around the house, try to look for the nearest pipes. You might have broken pipes in the area that’s allowing water to seep out through the ceiling and the walls. Water damage costs a lot to repair, so make sure that you repipe immediately.

  1. Rust-colored water during the first burst

If you see rust-colored water when you first turn on the faucet, your pipes are probably corroding somewhere. Steel pipes will usually start corroding after 40 years. Make sure you know when the pipes were installed to have an idea.

  1. Your house is over 50 years old

A house that’s over 50 years old is probably at a ripe age for some inspections. Brass pipes can cover you for up to 100 years, copper goes for 80, while steel goes for 100. However, these are the maximums and you should look closer to 50 for when you start preparing.

  1. You made some major overhauls to your plumbing

Adding a new room or even something like a jacuzzi inside your home can affect the efficiency of your pipes if they were not built to accommodate these changes.

  1. There’s debris with your water

A broken pipe that’s caused water damage to the inner linings of your wall will carry debris. With regular faucets, this will be in the form of sedimentation while hoses might make these debris more noticeable.

If you are considering copper repipping, Los Angeles, California, Team Rooter can do the job for you. Noticing some signs of pipe deterioration? Contact us today to avoid bigger issues.