7 Unusual Bed Bug Hiding Places


No one of us wants to have insects in our home that will bring only harmful to our health and family. Bed bugs are considered harmful insects to people. Unsurprisingly, you will be able to determine where these insects can be seen out of your knowledge. It will also help you finding a professional pest control company that will get rid of bed bugs.

Bed bugs hidding places

1. Walls

Bed bugs can be found inside the electrical outlets, at the corner, as well as under loose wallpapers.

2. Suitcase

The suitcase is being used to the stock of your important things as you go on your travels. As you stayed for some time, like hotel rooms may be infested by some insects like bed bugs.

As you enjoy fully your vacation, these insects are already inside your suitcase enjoying also. There is a high chance you can bring them home as your worst souvenir. Be cautious with the things and insects around you.

3. Furniture

Bed bugs can also be found in some places that it seems like you didn’t know before. Like a human, they can grow and reproduce. In other words, they can expand their territories. It includes space between the sofa, chairs, curtains, and even in drawers can be their last resort for reproduction.

4. Movie Theaters

Are you shocked? Yes, it is true. In the UK, a study found out that some of the movie theatres are infested by bed bugs.

5. Libraries

In recent reports, it is found out that the bed bug infestation is on the rise inside the libraries. But it is unusual for their hot spot destination since most of the libraries are in the air conditioner.

6. Medical Centers

Take note that this particular setting is mostly visited by many people especially those who need special bed bug treatment merrillville, in for their health issues. Since there is no device used to detect insects, bed bugs are freely brought in and out by the patients.

7. Taxis, Trains, and Buses

The bed bugs brought by winds from people’s belongings could be the main source of the insects. It could be transferred to public transportations.


Knowing these unexpected bed bugs’ hiding place are of great help to eradicate it where they are hiding. It will serve to prevent measures of how bed bugs harmful to our life and health.