5 Things to do before your house cleaning company shows up



Balancing between your job and house chores can be quite a daunting task. Obviously, you have more responsibilities to complete within 24 hours. Hiring a reputable house cleaning company would be the wisest thing to do. So, what can you do before they show up? Here are five tips to help you plan ahead of their visit.

Interview the house cleaning services maid

Once you have selected the company to conduct the house cleaning services, you will need to interview its representative. Get someone you are comfortable with, especially if they will be working while you are away from home. If possible, ask whether the same person will be serving you according to the terms of the contract.

Conduct an extensive background check

Housekeepers have access to your personal space, so you need to know if you can trust the crew before handing over your keys. Find out whether the company does background checks on all its employees. If they have liability and other insurance, this benefits you.

Compare rates with other service providers

Each house cleaning company will tailor its rates depending on the nature of services, frequency of visits and the size of the building. Some will charge by the hour, while others will make a cumulative estimate for the entire project. A good company will come to your house to devise the estimates ahead of their first visit.

Make a list of your priorities and desires

You have every right to specify how you want your house to be cleaned. If you want the bookshelves dusted on every visit, ensure you put that in writing. Explain how you want things done by taking the cleaner around the house and be sure to ask which cleaning supplies they will be using.

Get the house ready

It is advisable to store all your possessions in a safe to prevent them from getting damaged or disappearing. Most companies need at least two weeks’ notice for an appointment so be sure you call ahead and plan accordingly.