4 Valid Reasons For Cutting Down A Tree

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In recent years, going green has been a hot topic of conversation. And a big part of the green movement is about ensuring that we not only plant more trees but also take good care of the ones that we already have. Notably, many governments have put strict rules in place to prevent the unwarranted removal of trees. However, there are cases where it is valid to cut down a tree, of course, with the go-ahead from the authorities. It is important to note that cutting down a tree by yourself is a serious risk. As such, it is imperative to outsource Austin tree removal services or tree services st louis mo whereby special equipment will be used to ensure the safety of any person or structures nearby. Below are some of the valid reasons for cutting down a tree;

  1. Unhealthy trees

Trees being living things also get attacked by diseases. For one, a sick tree can easily spread the disease to the nearby trees. Secondly, the branches of an unhealthy tree can cause serious damage when they fall off as they may end up hurting someone or even destroying nearby properties. However, it is possible to treat an unhealthy tree only if the matter is dealt with early enough, more reason you need to ensure that a certified arborist checks your tree’s health once in a while. In severe cases, an unhealthy tree if left untreated often succumbs to the diseases hence leading to their death. In such cases, it is best if the tree gets removed. So much so, a dead tree if not removed can be a habitat for insects and pests which might end up invading your home.

  1. Destructive roots and branches

There are many tree species, some of which grow faster and need more space than others. When the roots of a tree continuously grow, it may pose a significant risk not only to the nearby buildings but also the plumbing systems. Root encroachment in the worst-case scenarios can make a building weak and can make it tumble down within time. Additionally, if the branches of the tree interfere with the power lines, it is to your best interest to get the tree removed to avoid any accidents.

  1. Trees along construction paths

During the construction of roads or buildings, you might find a tree that in the middle and for sure needs to be removed. Often, architects come up with plans that will avoid cutting down trees, but in cases this is unavoidable, then it is wise to cut down trees that might hinder the construction. However, as a general rule of thumb, if you cut one healthy tree, it is best to grow more than two trees somewhere else. Remember, at the end of the day, more trees are better for all of us.

  1. Trees that shed too much

Shedding leaves and other tree debris is a normal occurrence, but, when it becomes too much, it becomes a nuisance. For one, you will have to clean the surrounding areas continually, and secondly, the leaf litter can cause serious blockage of the gutters as well as the plumbing systems. In such cases, it is wise to get the tree removed by professionals.