4 Signs an Online Furniture Shop in Singapore is Scamming You


Purchasing from an online furniture shop in Singapore is a convenient method for customers to relax in their homes while browsing. However, this benefit comes at a risk. Unsuspecting clients may fall into traps set by individuals who are attempting to scam them. Since it is your responsibility to be aware of this fraudulent activity, here are four signs an online furniture shop is attempting to scam you. Continue reading to learn more.

Huge Discounts

One of the most evident signs of a fake online furniture shop is the unbelievable discounts they put on their products. If you see a TV console in Singapore that has 60% off its original price, you should reconsider your options and find a different store. What happens when you purchase it is either the item is substandard or doesn’t exist.

Sketchy URLs

Never forget that an online furniture shop is a legitimate business. Owners must ensure that everything looks authentic before customers buy anything, such as a shoe rack in Singapore. Therefore, those attempting to scam you might have noticeable differences in their URL. Generally speaking, actual establishments will use their name. They won’t add unnecessary details like numbers to their website.

Limited Contact Information

For example, say you want to purchase a bed frame in Singapore. You probably have questions, but the online furniture shop only has an email address in their contact information. Consider stopping your attempt to buy it and find another store. Remember that legitimate businesses will offer multiple methods to contact them. Aside from emails, they may have social media links, phone numbers, and customer service that you can use within the website.

Poor Website Design

Another clear sign that the sofa bed in Singapore is from scammers is their website design. Generally speaking, legitimate businesses spend adequate resources to ensure that their website looks and works perfectly. Therefore, any mistakes in grammar or appearance should alert you of potential issues.

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