4 Questions to Ask to Your Architect Before Hiring Them

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Hiring an architectural firm is a huge responsibility to look after. There are many options available but you never know what these options entail. But know that hiring and working with one shouldn’t have to be a nightmare. We, at Stendel + Reich architecture form, can make this process easy for you. After you have considered all the factors and shortlisted a few architects to accomplish your process, refer to this guide by asking them the following questions before hiring them.

  1. How long has your architectural firm been in business?

Business industry is the first and foremost thing to consider. The firm you choose must be in business for quite a while, even decades. They must also hold an expertise with many kinds of projects and be able to provide you references of satisfied customers with ease.

  1. Are you duly licensed, insured, and bonded?

Any legitimate architectural firm must have contractors who are licensed to work in the city or state where they live. Ensure that they are actually certified for performing the specific tasks you are hiring them for. Know that certain requirements must be met to be rendered certified. Also ensure that they are insured and bonded so that you don’t have to pay a fortune for any accidents whatsoever.

  1. Will a team be dedicated to my job?

Reputable contractors work on multiple projects at the same time, so you need to ensure that your project isn’t postponed by any means. Seek an architect that will be assigned to your project and make sure that if they are not available, a team of subcontractors is dedicated to accomplish your project. These variables matter a lot when it comes to accomplishing the work on time. The more organized the work environment is, the better the workflow. Consult the project manager before getting the work started. Ask them to show the ropes to their work and the number of workers that will be looking after the project at any given time.

  1. How do you manage extra charges?

Once there has been an agreement about the price of the project, know that there is always a risk involved when it comes to cost overrun because of unanticipated complications and changes to plans as the construction thrives. Always discuss this point beforehand to go through the architectural firm policy when it comes to extra charges, and always have that in writing.