4 Durable Materials to Consider When Buying Outdoor Chairs in Australia


When shopping for outdoor chairs in Australia, it’s important not only to find chairs that can provide an optimal level of comfort, but also ones that are made from durable materials that can withstand the elements. While there’s a wide variety of outdoor chairs on the market, some chairs are simply made from more durable materials than others. This article will take a look at four of the best materials for outdoor chairs that provide both durability as well as high levels of comfort. 


Timber is a classic choice for outdoor chairs in Australia due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. This type of wood is naturally highly resistant to moisture and temperature changes, making it an ideal choice for outdoor settings, especially if you don’t use your outdoor furniture for long periods. However, timber can be prone to warping or splitting if not properly cared for or maintained, making it important to conduct regular cleaning and inspection of the wood to ensure it’s in good condition. Timber is also susceptible to fading or discolouration from UV rays over time, so it’s best to cover or store this type of furniture indoors whenever possible. 


Metal furniture is becoming increasingly popular due to its strength, versatility and ability to seamlessly blend with the aesthetics of established furniture and decor. Generally, this type of material is highly resistant to corrosion, making it a suitable choice for use in humid climates or areas that regularly experience adverse weather. 

Metal furniture tends to last longer than other materials without needing much maintenance or repair work. One of the biggest drawbacks of metal furniture is that it can become uncomfortably hot during the summer months when exposed directly to sunlight, but you can prevent this by placing it under covered areas only. 


Wicker has been used for centuries to make outdoor furniture, and it’s becoming increasingly popular in modern and contemporary outdoor furniture settings. When it comes to outdoor chairs in Australia, wicker is often championed for being lightweight, durable and weather-resistant without compromising on style and aesthetics. A limitation of wicker chairs and furniture, however, is its susceptibility to direct sunlight, which can weaken the material and make it brittle over time. However, when cared for properly, wicker furniture often presents a high level of longevity over its lifecycle compared to other furniture materials. 


Concrete is becoming an increasingly popular choice when it comes to outdoor chairs in Australia due to its durability and contemporary aesthetics. Stone and concrete furniture is noted for being highly resistant against wear-and-tear from weather and regular daily use, making it an ideal choice for those who want low-maintenance outdoor furniture without compromising on quality or design.  

The obvious drawback of stone and concrete furniture is that it can be heavy and extremely difficult to move, meaning repositioning your furniture will require some planning and an ample number of people to help you. Some concrete and stone furniture can also retain heat during warmer weather which could make sitting on the chairs uncomfortable.