4 Care Tips for Maintaining Your Aesthetic Bedroom Blinds

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Like everything else in your home, your bedroom blinds require periodic maintenance to look and function properly. Light maintenance is all that is needed to keep blinds and shades in good working order for the most part. It’s important to remember that blinds require maintenance and regular upkeep—just like windows. Maintaining cleanliness keeps them in working order but extends their useful life. You may wonder how to clean your new blinds and where to start if you just had them installed in your home.

Here are some care tips for newbies who want to maintain indoor blinds.

1. Close the Blinds

Get started by putting up your outdoor blinds in Singapore. If your new roller blinds are open, you won’t be able to clean them. Once your blinds close, you can begin cleaning with a damp cloth and liquid soap or the soft brush attachment on your vacuum, working gently from the top down. Each shade requires diligence while cleaning.

2. Wipe Dust Weekly

The most common causes of damage to window coverings are dust, animal hair, and pollen. Dusting your indoor blinds can keep them looking brand new without any other maintenance. If stubborn stains or patches of dust and dirt on your blinds’ slats or shades’ fabric won’t budge when you use the vacuum or feather duster, try wiping them down with a soft, clean cloth dampened with warm water and a mild cleaning solution.

3. Flip Blinds for Further Cleaning

The back of the blinds also needs to be cleaned. Your balcony blinds in Singapore should be taken down entirely and washed gently for this purpose. It’s plausible that this won’t work well with the blinds you currently have in your home, especially if they are jute, metal, or wood. A damp cloth is all you need in that case.

4. Apply Wrinkle-Removing Solution

While wrinkle-releasing sprays and other chemical solutions can be helpful in various ways, they require caution on your roller blinds in Singapore to avoid damaging shades. Before spraying your blinds with anything, ensure you’ve read and understood the manufacturer’s cleaning and care instructions, and perform a test patch in an inconspicuous area to see how the spray will react. Wrinkle spray is a convenient alternative to a handheld steamer for quickly removing wrinkles if it does not stain, fade, or discolour the fabric.

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